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Thank You Letters/FeedBack/Fan-page!


Thank You Letters


A summary of what we liked...


  • Sudhir Syal - Attended with my friend Avni; and really enjoyed the concept. Thought the setting was perfect; and the atmosphere conducive to a good movie watching/ discussing experience. All in all a great concept; and I'm certainly looking forward to the next one.
  • Suraksha - Loved the films and subsequent discussions! And yeah, Sid's rooftop! :D




Things that can be improved...


  • Sudhir Syal
  1. Probably best to have the sub-titles on for most flicks. Cause sometime; on the terrace the sound tends to get lost. Besides; we cant really have it too loud anyway...
  2. The mosquitos - probably something that should be looked into next time.
  3. You could collect a small entry - probably about 50 bucks. Sure people; wouldn't have a problem paying and that should recover a portion of costs.
  4. Next time; we could host trailers of the shortlisted movies to be screened on the Wiki; and attendees could vote on them to decide upon which movies we are going to watch.
  5. Every evening; there should be one film we should screen; where the film-makers is in our midst. This would give us a great perspective during the discussion period.


  • Sudhish
  1. Lets have a booze-free RTFF.




You like us, then what you waiting for. Tell us about it :P


  • Senthil - I ran across the following website site - http://rtff.pbwiki.com/ and it has really sparked my curiosity and interest. First and foremost hats-off guys, what you are doing is amazing. I did not realize that there is so much interest and enthusiasm towards "world cinema". Your idea of Roof-Top-Film-Clubs is a great one.


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