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Page history last edited by Jen Calipari 8 years, 2 months ago

Proposed movies


Click "Edit page" to edit this list. To discuss on why a movie should be screened or why not use the comments page.



  • Spring, Summer, Fall Winter And Spring (Korean)


  • Citizen Kane


  • Nostalghia


  • Ugetsu(1953)


  • The seventh seal (Bergman)


  • Knife in the water (Polanski’s first)


  • Sancharam (malayalam)


  • All about my mother (Almadovar)


  • That Four Letter Word (Sudhish Kamath)

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  • House of sand and fog


  • prison on fire


  • lock stock and two smoking barrels


  • the doors


  • snatch


  • seven monkeys


  • fight club


  • pulp fiction


  • The Big Lebowski


  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


  • Trainspotting


  • Eros (Three short films, one each by Michaelangelo Antonioni, Wong Kar Wai and Steven Soderbergh)


  • Blowup (Michaelangelo Antonioni)


  • 12 Angry Men


  • Le Notti di Cabiria


  • Christiane.F - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo


  • Zerkalo


  • Battaglia di Algeri, La (The Battle for Algiers)


  • Children of heaven


  • colour of paradise


  • lucky number slevin


  • se7en


  • Amores Perros(from alejandro gonzales innarittu,director of babel)
  • Raging Bull
  • Goodfellas
  • Apocalypse Now
  • Requiem For a Dream


  • city of god
  • Motorcyle Diaries
  • Sin City
  • Anbe Sivam
  • Virumandi
  • Nenjathai Killathai
  • Aval Appadithaan
  • Amarkalam
  • Mahanadhi
  • Guna
  • Devar Magan
  • Basha
  • Talapathi
  • Palaivanacholai
  • Hey Ram
  • Azagheeyatha Kolangal
  • Agnisakshi
  • Amelie 
  • SEO Blog Philippines
  • Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi
  • Les Choristes (The Chorus) 
  • Postmen in the mountains
  • The Science of Sleep
  • Pan's Labyrinth
  • My Sassy Girl(Korean movie)
  • linen shirts



À bout de souffle


*Duck Soup

*A night at the opera (At least one Marx Brothers film)







Comments (12)

Anonymous said

at 12:38 am on Mar 4, 2007

I strongly feel we should not screen movies which are film fest favorites. Roshamon, Ran etc have been screened in many film fests so lets try to stay away from them.

Anonymous said

at 2:30 pm on Mar 4, 2007

i agree. Kane, bergman, movies should go. if everyone has seen pulp fiction and fight club they should go out too. of the classics i find only one movie worth screening Knife in the Water because it's little seen. and may be Nostalgia. the rest should be scrapped.

at least one film of Jacques Tourneur preferable Cat People is a good choice.

and what about the silent era? what about D.W. Griffith? Movies like the Greatest Train Robbery are great examples from the time before movies began talking. eisenstien's Battleship Potemkin is a fest fav, but i dont know how many have seen it. I, in fact, havent.

Anonymous said

at 8:49 am on Mar 8, 2007

yep..i thnk everybody wud've seen pulp fiction and fight club..colour of paradise and children of heaven are amongst the more touching moovies i hv seen...both of them are iranian movies..thnk they'll add variety to d fest..and for lucky number slevin..it's neo-noir on the lines of snatch,lock,stock with gr8 editing...amores perros is from d director of babel and has got a gr8 screenplay..t'was d inspiration for aayitha ezhuthu/yuva...city of god as we all know is d inspiration for pudhupettai and pattiyal..and se7en..i thnk a lot of people wud hv seen it..but then it is one of the movies which dint recieve as much credit as it should have...

for more info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0191043/

Anonymous said

at 8:38 pm on Mar 13, 2007

I agree with Chander. Pulp Fiction and Fight club have to go. Colour of Paradise is a good film, but with the revised timings, making the fest an all night affair, I am not sure if the movie will be able to hold the attention of people...

Anonymous said

at 10:46 am on Mar 21, 2007

It'll be nice if we could screen at least one Asian movie(not necessarily Indian/Japanese). Animes are also supposed to be cool.

By the way, I've seen at least 80-90% of the films listed here! :) But for the benefit to others, I don't mind seeing them again.

Anonymous said

at 9:46 pm on Mar 21, 2007

can i know who selects the movies?

Anonymous said

at 5:59 pm on Mar 22, 2007

Duck Soup or A Night at the Opera starring the Marx Brothers. Duck Soup preferably because it has a running time of an hour and 8mins. "A night at...." is about one and a half hours long.
the humour available here is as fresh as it can get, though the films are from the 1930's. If at all, the comedy genre is to be explored on the rooftop, these films would be the most deserving.
Anyone out there shares a similar view??
P.S.: Satyajit Ray was in awe of the Marx Brothers and has written about them in his book, "Our films, their films."

Anonymous said

at 6:25 pm on Mar 22, 2007

ravikiran no one, which is why it has resulted in pichakara vandhi as you can see.

now i think the organisers have decided to ditch this method and are selecting movies offline.

Anonymous said

at 9:09 pm on Mar 22, 2007

"pichakara vaandhi"..lol..i suppose and hope u r referring to movies like pokkiri.. have to admit was quite shocked to see those names there..

Smith said

at 12:58 pm on Jan 18, 2011

I agree with the first commenter here. We should screened movies carefully, with substantial data.


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