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The Roof Top Film Festival March 2007 Edition



People who have blogged about this pre event


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People who have blogged about this post event









The Roof Top Film Fest is over! We had a lot of fun and watched some good movies. Thanks are however due to:


1) Sid, for hosting us on his amazing roof and letting us use his laptop and managing the whole event. He also took care of the mattresses guy, the projector guy and the speaker guy.

2) Ramanujump, for co sponsoring the mattresses along with me (Sagaro).

3) Baggy, for co sponsoring the speakers along with me (Sagaro).

4) Nandhu and Suderman, for helping us to discuss the movies in depth along with other participants.

5) The Under Dawg, for the Red-Bull which kept me awake till the second last movie.

6) Syed, for the screen.

7) The rest of you guys for the amazing snacks and drinks. :D

8) Suraksha, for the projector.




Final list of movies screened:


1) Hard Candy

2) Call center movie

3) Blood Simple

4) America America Parody

5) Hi Dad

6) Annie Hall

7) That Four Letter Word








  • Proposed date: 24th March, 2007


  • Proposed time: 7:00 pm (24th) to 5:00 am (25th). That's a whole night event, but hey the next day is a Sunday and you can always crash on that day. About 3 feature movies will be screened along with 2-4 short films made by independent film makers. General discussion for about half an hour will follow after every film is screened where all participants can discuss the film.




  • Venue: Sid has agreed to host us for the night at his residence. 75, Second Street, Karpagam Avenue, R.A.Puram, Chennai - 600028.


Map: http://www.wikimapia.org/#y=13021921&x=80268264&z=18&l=0&m=a&v=2


Landmarks (Closest to farthest):

Near ICICI bank branch, ICICI Towers, Greenways road

Opposite MRC Nagar

Near Chettinad Vidyashram school

Near Ambedkar Memorial



Movies Proposed

Please visit movies to add movie titles which you feel must be screened at the film fest.


Call for Short film submission

Please click here to list down your name, title of your short film and contact details if you wish your movie to be screened at the Roof Top Film Fest


To be done

{List things to be done here and take responsibility is possible}


  • Get Projectors, DVD player
  • Locate a roof-top
  • Get screens along with stand for the film to be screened.
  • Get the final list of movies.
  • Fix date and time.
  • Get mattresses which can be put on the roof so that people can sit and watch the film.
  • Food - snacks & beverages - each of us just bring some snacks and share it with the other campers :D
  • Water




  • Ganesh APP will get the projector and extension box.
  • Syed will get the screen.
  • sathyaraj can volunteer to be the photographer for the event
  • Chandoo can get a few dvd / vcds. I have most of the listed movies. His participation is doubtful though.
  • Aditya M will get some booze
  • chander can get 2 matresses,something to bite
  • Dinesh will get RedBull for everyone. His participation is doubtful at the moment, but you guys will be energised for sure
  • Faridul Aashiqh will get paper plates,knife(if necessary) and some snacks...
  • Suresh and Kiran will bring three matresses and some snacks (and some other last minute stuff... we live in 3rd street, karpagam avenue)
  • Suraksha will bring some eats and softdrinks
  • Jagan will get a matresses ,some of the movies in the list , though none in the 6 shortlists and something to eat
  • Krishna, MCC - a couple of beer bottles
  • Ashwin - a few more bottles of beer (we can never have too much of this :D)



Wanted people to contribute for booze (only beer!), snacks, laptop, speakers. booklet of the movies being screened, volunteers to get the dvds of the final list of films. Please fill in your name along with your contribution above.




{First 25 only! So hurry up! Add your name, email id and a short intro about yourself. Please feel free to remove your name from the list if you decide to drop out anytime. That will help us know the exact number of participants :D. If you are not sure about it, then add your name and strike it out using the button next to underline in the editor so we know. Thanks}



++++++++++++++++++ Registrations Closed +++++++++++++++++++


Waiting list:


{In the last minute many of the above will definitely drop out, in which case we will make sure to call you and let you know about the vacancies. Please fill in your phone number, unless you check your email every 3 hours}


  • Rathijit, 9884158253
  • Aishwarya Rao
  • Ravi kiran , wannabe movie buff, thegreatone3486@gmail.com, 9884348881
  • Mir Moohammed Ali, 9884349797
  • Jay - TKF member 9940017074
  • Jayanth-9444777907,jaysettygmailcom
  • Richard
  • Avni Mohindra
  • Sudhir Syal
  • Mahesh H 9841326612
  • Rajesh Madhini 9840068263
  • Deepa Ranganathan 9940051465
  • Mohan.G 9840519368,student and movie lover,majesticmohan@gmail.com
  • Thilak 9884295225




{List down potential ideas to make this event more exciting}


  • Make a booklet of all the movies screened.


  • Make a website for this event - Sagaro (If anyone else is interested in collaborating with me please shoot a mail to sagaro at gmail dot com)
  • Get a logo done!!! (I'll get it done - Dinesh) Logo by Dinesh and Sudish can be found here Please feel free to use them on your blog side bar :D


Who we've contacted for involvement

  • tKF



Who we should contact

{List down potential people we could have at the fest}


  • Sudhish Kamath
  • Nandhu
  • Baradwaj Rangan
  • Shonali
  • Susan




  • Sid has agreed to host us in his fabulous roof which is in RA Puram. Yay! Cheers to Sid :D
  • Syed has kindly agreed to rent the screen for us. Thank you Syed for sponsoring the huge screen for the night :D
  • Yay! We now have a communication team. er... Actually a communication volunteer. Hari, who is a film buff and a fellow Fellini freak has agreed to personally mail each participant aka organizer to get their feedback and help, on pressing issues, as well as, kick them to pitch in whatever way they can. (Eg. blog about the event, volunteer for a couple of mattresses :D). If he finds you a mis-fit at the rtff, he might just scratch your name off the list. If you wanna reason out with him just go ahead and mail him at rooftop.filmfest@gmail.com


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