The Roof Top Film Festival March 2007 Edition



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The Roof Top Film Fest is over! We had a lot of fun and watched some good movies. Thanks are however due to:


1) Sid, for hosting us on his amazing roof and letting us use his laptop and managing the whole event. He also took care of the mattresses guy, the projector guy and the speaker guy.

2) Ramanujump, for co sponsoring the mattresses along with me (Sagaro).

3) Baggy, for co sponsoring the speakers along with me (Sagaro).

4) Nandhu and Suderman, for helping us to discuss the movies in depth along with other participants.

5) The Under Dawg, for the Red-Bull which kept me awake till the second last movie.

6) Syed, for the screen.

7) The rest of you guys for the amazing snacks and drinks. :D

8) Suraksha, for the projector.




Final list of movies screened:


1) Hard Candy

2) Call center movie

3) Blood Simple

4) America America Parody

5) Hi Dad

6) Annie Hall

7) That Four Letter Word















Landmarks (Closest to farthest):

Near ICICI bank branch, ICICI Towers, Greenways road

Opposite MRC Nagar

Near Chettinad Vidyashram school

Near Ambedkar Memorial



Movies Proposed

Please visit movies to add movie titles which you feel must be screened at the film fest.


Call for Short film submission

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To be done

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Wanted people to contribute for booze (only beer!), snacks, laptop, speakers. booklet of the movies being screened, volunteers to get the dvds of the final list of films. Please fill in your name along with your contribution above.




{First 25 only! So hurry up! Add your name, email id and a short intro about yourself. Please feel free to remove your name from the list if you decide to drop out anytime. That will help us know the exact number of participants :D. If you are not sure about it, then add your name and strike it out using the button next to underline in the editor so we know. Thanks}



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Waiting list:


{In the last minute many of the above will definitely drop out, in which case we will make sure to call you and let you know about the vacancies. Please fill in your phone number, unless you check your email every 3 hours}





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