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How to Organize your own Roof Top Film Festival

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  • Roof-Top Film Festival is not just about screening some movies, it's also about cultivating a habit of organizing your own film festival and thereby having fun.


Here are some guidelines to organize your very own Roof Top Film Festival:


  • Get Started
  • RTFF Template - All you have to do is create a new page at the home-page and name it {edition}. Where edition would be the date of your fest. Eg. If your fest is on 24/3/7 name the page March2007 or March07 or 24March07 etc. Use this template for the page.
  • Recommended Fests


Also once you are done setting up the page, please feel free to update the SideBar with the url and date of your Roof Top Film Festival, so that others can benefit. (It is easy to edit the SideBar, click on "sidebar" -> edit and add your info -> save. Done!)

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