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RTFF is not just about getting a bunch of film buffs and screening some good movies, it's about propagating a culture of organizing your very own Film Festival, instead of waiting for a Goa or Chennai International Film Fest.


how do I start my own RTFF? Well, we're going to try to assemble some simple answers.


So, a couple things to remember:


  • Failure is an option -- albeit an unlikely one. It's important to embrace this; if you accept that you're participating in a big experiment, the pressure will lessen and you'll enjoy planning your event!
  • The less planning you do, oftentimes the better the event is.
  • Learn to let go and trust other's capabilities. Distribute as much ownership of the event as possible. While central planners and catalyzers are necessary to push things forward, the more people you can spread the responsibility to, the better -- for you, for the event and for the other participants!


To get started, here's what you need to do:


  1. Find a Roof-Top. Definitely the hardest part of the process.
  2. Pick a date. Once you've got a place picked out, figure out when you want your event to happen. We've tended to try to hold RTFFs on Saturday nights, because that way after a whole night of movie marathon, participants can go home and crash on a Sunday. What's most important is that it's convenient for you and works for your community.
  3. Communicate. Blog, Email, IRC, wiki and document everything! Seriously, the more transparent and communicative you are about your RTFF, the more successful you'll be.
  4. Say what you need. Participants can be helpful and giving -- but if they don't KNOW that you need a few extra hands to arrange the mattresses, or some money to get speaker amps, whatever, then they can't step up to the plate and help. Remember: everyone participates. So, give everyone the information they need to be able to participate!


The rest you make up yourself. It's not meant to be complicated, so if you find yourself stressing, step back, realize that you're doing it for you and your community and that it's supposed to be fun! Stress probably means you're over-thinking it and need to simplify.

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