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FAQs For Roof Top Film Festival


If you got a question or you know the answer to a question feel free to add them here



What can we expect of a Roof-Top Film Festival?

You can catch some good movies, have some nice discussions, make some good friends, learn a lot about movies and when you leave you will have a burning desire to pick up a camera and shoot your very own movie.


Is RTFF all about the good movies?

Right now yes, but it will soon evolve to be our very own platform to showcase movies/short films/ads made by local talents. Also small sessions on various aspects of movie making like script writing, editing, filming, dubbing, lighting etc. may get incorporated to enthuse people to go ahead, shoot those dreams of theirs and screen it at the next RTFF.


What is the Local Talent section?

Between the screening of two movies there is a break where people can discuss the movie, have snacks, socialize and also display their talents. The local talent section just encourages you to go one step ahead with your hobby.


I wanna showcase my movie at the RTFF, but am not sure if it is good enough. What do I do?

You never know how good or bad your movie is unless someone tells you. So instead of getting discouraged with mental blocks enlist your movie at the local talent section of the wiki for the respective edition that you are planning to attend. Also, the criticism of ardent film buffs is valuable. No one will intend to poke fun on your movie however bad it may be, their criticism will be constructive and make you a better film maker in future. Also you never know, you might find yourself a good story board artist or a Camera guy at the RTFF. What is important is that you have managed to make a film against all odds and you have the balls to showcase it in-front of a good crowd.


Apart from films made by local talents, what else can be showcased at the local talent section?

Just about anything that will entertain the other participants. You could play the guitar or the flute or bring some glass paintings and display them at the RTFF (No sales pitch will be entertained.. hehe) or dance to some music and just about anything that you can think of. Be creative and have fun.


This Wiki is so similar to the Bar-Camp one. Why can't we just incorporate RTFF as a Bar-Camp event?

We would love to do that, but as you may have noticed Bar-Camp is more generic to geeks and inserting an event like RTFF into it would be taking advantage of its "A Bar-Camp can be anything" stance, which is something we don't want to do. Also we don't want to scare away the film buffs by portraying it as a techie event.


Is RTFF a part of the Knowledge Foundation (tKF)?

Nope. The idea of a RTFF in Chennai (the first one) was driven across by Anant Siva (a Singaporean film maker) and later carried out by members of the Knowledge Foundation. But that doesn't make this event a Knowledge Foundation initiative. There are many reasons to this including the fact that it was an initiative by Anant Siva. Also, RTFF is open to all. Anyone can conduct their own RTFF using this wiki.


To bring more clarity, the Bar-Camp Chennai was a part of tKF and not the people who started Bar Camps. Similarly it would be more appropriate to say that the RTFF March 2007 edition was in some sense a tKF event. But apart from that RTFF is totally independent of tKF. For instance RTFF - April Edition is not a part of tKF.



How much does it cost to organize such an event?

Most of the equipments, food, beverages are brought by the participants and shared amongst themselves. But if in case you are unable to get speakers, mattresses, screen etc., here is how much each costs for a night's/day's rental:


Screen: Rs.400

Speakers: Rs.500

Mattress: Rs. 30 for each and an extra five per pillow.


Do I have to get Bose speakers?

Not necessarily. For instance, at the first RTFF the dvd player conked out and we had to use the laptop to play the movies and since the amp and speakers wouldn't adapt to the laptop, we used computer speakers. And guess what? They were good enough, cauze the Roof is pretty small and during nights there is hardly any noise. If I organize another RTFF, then I would definitely not spend on speakers.


Can I organize my own RTFF?

Sure, we encourage you to organize your very own RTFF. Please check Organize a RTFF to get some tips and guidelines on how to go about it.


Is a covered roof-top Mandatory? Or do you think it's possible to explore the idea of watching films under the open sky?

Answer goes here


How do we decide what movies we watch among the movies that we bring?

Answer goes here


Answer as many questions as you feel necessary


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