Chennai RTFF at Nanganallur


Roof-Top film Fest (RTFF) is a film festival born out of the desire to provide a platform for people to enjoy movies and share their criticism in an open environment. An intense atmosphere will be created for the screening of the films and the discussions that follow. The Roof-Top Film Fest will focus on independent films, short films, cult movies and films that changed the way we looked at cinema.


RTFF is an open-to-all many-times-a-year, anytime-in-a-year event for cinephiles to camp out for a couple days.


Event details




Date: Saturday, 06th June, 2009

Time: Starts by 9.00 PM




Nanganallur office

First Floor, New# 2,
Voltas Colony, Second Street,
Chennai - 600 061
Phone: (+91) (044) 4358 5013
Mobile: (+91) 9840 847872


For directions contact Viru at (+91) 9840 847872 or read this




1. From Guindy Kathipara Flyover


1.1 From Guindy, go towards Airport

1.2 On your left, you can see GRT Radisson Hotel

1.3 Next to GRT Radisson Hotel you can see Bharat Petroleum

1.4 Immediately you can see Trident Hotel (just near "Sundaram Finance" hoarding (near signal)

1.5 Take left next to Trident Hotel (before Indian Oil petrol bunk )

1.6 Go straight to "Palavanthangal Subway"

1.7 End of subway, turn Left (one-way) to go to Nanganallur Market.

1.8 Go ahead till you reach "Nanganallur Market" on left side (at the end of the road).

1.9 NOTE: "Apollo Pharmacy" on your left, Canara Bank on your right at the beginning of Nanganallur Market.

1.10 From now (at Market), it is very easy.  DO NOT turn left or right.  Just go straight for 1.5 kms.

1.11 On your way you will see "Viveks" on left. "Spencers Daily" on left, Adyar Bakery on right, JFA on right, Roja Medicals on right corner, Fresh @ on left, Maha Yogam Super Market on right, Universal Supermarket on right....DEAD END NOW after 1.5 kms.

1.12 Turn left at 1st Dead End and hit another Dead End in just 50 mts (you can see "Namalwar Modern School board" at this place.

1.13 Turn Right after 2nd Dead End and go straight.

1.14 My HomePlanGuru office is on 4th Right, first building, 1st floor.

1.15 If by mistake you reach "Manasrovar Apartments" on the other side of the road, then give me a call :-)


2. From Velachery .


2.1 Take Velachery MRTS flyover and turn right towards Madipakkam.

2.2 Follow the big road (bus route) and reach Madipakkam Axis Bank Junction.

2.3 Take right turn at Axis Bank junction and move straight (towards Mount Station)  (if you take left at Axis Bank, you will reach Kilkattalai, Medavakkam, etc)

2.4 Go straight and you will see Madipakkam Koot Road Bus stop.

2.5 Go straight and see "Puludhivakkam Kumaran Theatre Bus stop".

2.6 Go straight and see "Reliance Fresh" shop in 1st Floor (not in Ground Floor) on your left and "Gemsmart" shop on your right.

2.6 Take 2nd Left after "Kumaran Theatre Bus stop" (i.e. immediate left after "Reliance Fresh" shop)

2.7 While taking left turn, you can see empty ground on the left and 1 or 2 towers on right side (slightly further down) of the road.

2.8 This road (after taking left) is called "Modern School Road".

2.9 Come straight on Modern School Road.

2.10 See a water tank and park on your left in Modern School Road.

2.11 See "Lakshmi Nagar Welcomes You" board and another 5 sign boards on your left in "Modern School Road" (this is "T" junction).

2.12 Take right at this "T" Junction (where you see "Lakshmi Nagar 4th stage welcomes you" sign board)

2.13 Go straight and take second left.

2.14 The corner house facing south is my HomePlanGuru office.

2.15 If you see "Modern School" on your right in Modern School Road", it means you have crossed this "T" Junction and moved 100 mts further  (means, income for mobile operator.)




1. Wikimapia (search for "bhuvikripa")


2. Google Maps (First find Manasarovar apartments here),+nanganallur,+chennai,&sll=12.977586,80.188308&sspn=0.009911,0.019312&ie=UTF8&cd=1&ll=12.99034,80.187149&spn=0.039643,0.077248&t=h&z=14




There will be a nominal contribution by all of us.


Proposed Films


Virupakshan has these original CDs others are also welcome.

1. The Godfather (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

2. Independence Day

3.Garfield The Movie

4. Home Alone (Part 1, Part 3)

5. Mouse Hunt

6. True Lies

7. The Magnificent Seven

8. MIB - Part 2

9. Sahara

10.Mummy returns

11. The Day After Tomorrow

12. Baby's day out

13. Robots

14. The Shaolin Temple

15. Die Another Day (007 James Bond) in Tamil

16. Spiderman - part 2 in Tamil

17. Singaravelan (Tamil)

18. Thiruvilaiyaadal (Tamil)

19. many more Tamil Films (thanks to Moserbaer for Original VCDs)

20. Mallika Sherawat 3-in-1 DVD collection (Khwahish + Maan Gaye Mughal-e-aazam + Ugli Aur Pagli) (Cortesy Moserbaer & Fartingpen :P)


Local Talent





  1. Swaminathan Moorthy


Participants (aka Campers)


{First 40 only! So hurry up! Add your name, email id and a short intro about yourself. Please feel free to remove your name from the list if you decide to drop out anytime. That will help us know the exact number of participants :D. If you are not sure about it, then add your name and strike it out using the button next to underline in the editor so we know. Thanks}


  1. The Pseudonym What Intro. It has been ages since I have watched good movies.
  2. Farting Pen (online) / Jayanth (offline) and his pack of Wills Navy Cut
  3. Dilip Muralidaran ( and his infidel preaching. @dilipm
  4. @vasanthgvk (

Farting Pen, can you courier the packet of Wills Navy Cut to the venue? - msnarain



Task List

(please cross out when it's done)




  1. 400 sq.ft. space (with asbestos roof) - done
  2. Laptop / DVD player / both
  3. 1KVA UPS
  4. Speakers
  5. Some Original Movie CDs (if you like we can screen them)
  6. I can also arrange for snacks.
  7. Only Projector are not available now.
  8. Pillows & beds are not available now.
  9. Laptop(in case the above screws up)
  10. Camera (optional)


And lots of snacks and beverages - Everyone


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