Roof Top Film Festival - April Edition


Roof-Top film Fest (RTFF) is a film festival born out of the desire to provide a platform for people to enjoy movies and share their criticism in an open environment. An intense atmosphere will be created for the screening of the films and the discussions that follow. The Roof-Top Film Fest will focus on independent films, short films, cult movies and films that changed the way we looked at cinema. Fashion Trends And Tips


RTFF is an open-to-all many-times-a-year, anytime-in-a-year event for cinephiles to camp out for a couple days.

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RTFF April is over - More updates will be provided by Sagaro


Photographs here


Movies screened:


  1. Good night and good luck
  2. Elephant
  3. Ellipses
  4. The great dictator
  5. Angrez
  6. Part of Kung Fu Hustle, Tamil Dub (to wake up those sleeping?)



Event details



seo services

Movies directed by actors




Proposed date: 28th April 2007 (Saturday). Time: 7:00 pm. Its an all night event and will close on Sunday morning.




Map: http://www.wikimapia.org/#y=13021921&x=80268264&z=18&l=0&m=a&v=2



Landmarks (Closest to farthest):Near ICICI bank branch, ICICI Towers, Greenways road

Opposite MRC Nagar

Near Chettinad Vidyashram school

Near Ambedkar Memorial










Proposed Films

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Films I would like to see



Local Talent ?








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Participants (aka Campers)


Task List

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Roof (Sid)


Projector (Syed)

Screen (Ganesh)

Speakers with amps

Extension chords and boxes

DVD Player (Suresh)

Mattresses and pillows (Suresh)

Laptop (in case the above screws up) (Karthik)

Wifi (optional)

Camera (optional)

And lots of snacks and beverages - by everyone :D


You could also contribute some money at the venue to compensate the costs of screen (Rs. 400) and mattresses (Rs. 650), so that one person doesn't end up with a big hole in his pocket.


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